1. "When the water is flowing good, drop what you’re doing to hit it because the flow won’t wait for you. Most everything you have to do will be right where you left it when you get back from the river."

    Nathan St. Saviour (via cheeseboater)

    The river is calling.


  3. Why Technology WHY??

    It seems that every time I attempt to complete a task requiring the internet I am thwarted by some stupid little glitch that I can’t figure out how to avoid!! 

    Here I am, sitting at home in an emotionally sensitive state due to a mystery illness the day before I will hike to the bottom of the grand canyon, trying to figure out this health insurance stuff. The stupid website wont let me make an account because apparently I take to long to enter my info before it becomes unsafe to proceed and I must sign in again to continue, BUT I HAVENT GOTTEN TO THE POINT OF MAKING A USERNAME + PASSWORD YET SO WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO INTERNET?????? HOW??! WHY??? 

    Brought to tears yet again by technology. I just want to go rafting… 

  4. The last time I saw the Colorado I waved down at these clients and whooped and hollered in excitement for them. But tomorrow I’ll hike down the bright angel trail to the mighty Colorado and will behold its magnificence for the following 10 days. Life is too good. How did I get this lucky?

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    Rafting and Kayaking on the Cumberland River McCreary Co. Kentucky

  6. imgoingcoastal:

    "The Oar" - Block Island

    Silly.. Those aren’t goddamn fucking oars! Paddles are not merely short oars. I swear to god….

  7. ctbonvivant:

    More rowing photos can be found here: http://ctbonvivant.com/tagged/rowing

  8. timothygrundy:

    coffee and blueberry

    That is an attractively black coffee.

  9. for-redheads:

    Photography by Ricky John Molloy

    Is this real life??

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  11. "Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket so they can keep their favorite rock with them. They use this rock to break open mollusks when eating. Some otters go their entire lives carrying the same rock!” source

    Ahhhh no wonder I’m a fucking river otter!! They form emotional attachments to rocks too! :D this just made my day.

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    I need a good Halloween idea like these 2 year olds….

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  14. Oooooooooohmagawd this is great!

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    Michael Lipsey

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