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    " No Love Lost "



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    Artist Hikaru Cho Creates Visual Illusions That Are Good Enough to Eat



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    Playing with your eyes

    This image captures a road cut near the village of Mollina in southern Spain. Your eyes should immediately notice that something has happened to the rocks here – they’re broken and moved. 

    If you’ve had a bit of geology, you might recognize this pattern as caused by normal faults. The rocks to the right have slid downwards along the cracks, creating a pattern where the same layers seem to repeat themselves.

    However, take a more careful look at the layers on top of the cracks. There’s something fishy here. The simple assumption would be that these faults completely cut all the rock layers, and at the crack on the right, if you study the above layers carefully you can recognize that they’re offset as well and the same pattern repeats on both sides of the fault.

    But, near the top of this cut, the crack on the left peters out. If you stare carefully at the layers, it’s possible some of them are offset, but it’s possible some of them are just bent at that location or that they’re continuous and just change thickness. 

    This is a cool geologic problem and one I can’t solve easily from the image; are the layers at the top of the section on the left offset or is there a change in thickness across the fault, as might occur if the sediments on top were being deposited while the fault is moving?

    Anyone want to fund a trip to Spain so we can give you the answer?


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    Caffeine causality loop by John Atkinson (via Wrong Hands

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    Generation jitters: are we addicted to caffeine?

    Whether it’s in coffee, Coke or energy drinks, caffeine is the drug many of us can’t live without – but do you have any idea how much is in your daily hit? Read more

    Image: Liz McBurney for the Guardian

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    Zabriskie Point Death Valley, California (by Jared Atkins).

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    Look at our nifty new poster!

    We’re excited to announce that Friday we’ll be featuring Robyn Ochs and Darkmatter with DJ A_Nok and DJ Sol Nova as our Queer Prom DJs. Saturday morning Jes Tom will be performing with our keynote delivered by Jiz Lee and Tristan Taormino.

    March 7th and 8th at Hampshire College! Free! Spread the word!

    (Registration is open so get on that)


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    Sunset in the Smokies by dfikar1 on Flickr.


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    Good fiction’s job is to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable // David Foster Wallace

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    Barite Sand Crystals
    Norman, Oklahoma

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    I finally got a chance to dye some paper with the new natural dyes I made!  The dyes are made from walnuts, beets, acacia extract, madder root and osage orange (the tree).


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  15. My latest painting of an eroded sand bank along the Colorado River! 

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